Woman Arise Project



This is a project for the woman who is ready to rise. It is a transformational leadership circle for women like you with a monthly membership for those who want to flow into their feminine leading roles and responsibilities. The project is actually more than a membership but also a learning circle of amazing and authentic women meeting in a judgement free space where we support you in sharing your gifts as well as empowering you with life changing, critical leadership skills and competences.


Woman Arise Project is a practical school with (online and onsite formats) where heart centered women just like you are guided by a circle of women pioneers, thought leaders, trainers and facilitators.


They will guide you in taking your confidence, power, vision, dream, mastery and mission to the next level through learning the art of feminine Leadership.


Woman Arise Project is a platform for celebrating womanhood and empowering women. It is a project of women supporting their fellow women. It is about expanding your coast, broadening your horizon, increasing your balance, productivity and imparting you for a massive return on your energy. As you are held in this space, you will navigate through your fears and doubts, transforming them into the power you need to become a better version of you.


You have become aware of the call into ministry, industry, government or any other form of Community Development or Nation Building effort and you may have started following that call and passion or at least…you are trying to make your first move in that direction. You have journaled, created a vision and are pouring everything you have got into this mission that is burning deep inside the very recesses of your soul, that great destiny is calling you and although all of these efforts  have helped in some way, yet nothing has radically changed in and around you. The mission is still waiting to be ignited and manifested while you are still very much anxious, feeling unhappy and frustrated instead of waking up every morning overflowing with great pleasure and joy, charged up with power to follow the path ahead of you and ready to go for your dreams and contribute your gifts to everyone who needs them. If you have done all that you know to do and you are still stuck and of course in pains, the kind of pain that causes weariness, right through the center of your heart and making you doubt yourself the more, with  that little voice at the back of your head whispering, You are not good enough to do anything? Who are you to teach and lead others? Who are you to speak and have other women listen to you? If you get really honest with yourself, you will know that this voice is wrong, but maybe you have looked around at your life and circumstances thinking that you should just move on and give up your dream of becoming better and bigger. Have you found yourself giving up on your dream, but somehow you still get caught up in it?


Have you found yourself annoyed for feeling insecure and impatient with yourself for still comparing yourself with other women? Are you Frustrated when you can’t seem to find yourself rise above all your limitations and be a better woman? Are you unfulfilled because you are not yet the woman you always know you could be, happy and free? You know there is more to life than just the day to day mundane chores. More than the stress of your day to day job. More than the weight of the responsibilities you carry presently, more than the seemingly never ending cycle of one step forward and two steps backward? You know that you can live a better life, sharing your gifts and skills with others and changing the world around you for the better, but you don’t know how? Then you need not worry anymore! We shall in this circle share with you secrets that the old paradigm of leadership does not want you to know. Basically, there is nothing wrong with you, your background, upbringing, vision and mission. The problem is rather that you are stuck in an old paradigm of leadership. As women, we have been told and taught from the moment we enter into the world that we are wrong, inferior and of no value, we have had our flaws and faults listed for us over and over again, we have been judged, blamed and shamed simply for being women, even though we are valuable, intelligent, beautiful, powerful, and wonderful beings in the sight of God, yet we have been told that we are weaker vessels. No doubt we are weaker vessels and there is nothing wrong with that at all.


Actually, your “weakness” is your greatest source of power. The old paradigm of leadership does not work any longer in most cases. It hardly acknowledges you or your abilities. It doesn’t stop you from burning out or let you reach out for destiny’s call, flowing with your abilities; it doesn’t stop the ugly feelings of insecurity, lack, judgment, competition neither; the reason being that the old leadership paradigm is about FORCE and not FLOW. the truth is you cannot stop those feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, irresponsibility, and inability until you break the circle of self-limitation and step into a new paradigm of leadership.


Leadership does not have to be big and tough, it can be gentle, sweet and soft, it doesn’t have to be about position, title and transactions, it can also be about flow, transformation and game changing execution. It is about you fulfilling your purpose – following that soul deep calling with balance – caring for and helping others, while also caring for, helping and healing yourself. The new leadership paradigm is not about rising above others to compare and compete unhealthily. It is about walking and working  shoulder to shoulder with people demonstrating a new way of existing together. It is a new model of leadership that believes in our mission and supporting one another. This model of leadership blazes the trail and lights us up and the people around us.


You might not think you are a leader, you might think you are not good enough or trained enough as an expert leader, but there is something inside you that wants to be shared. Something that yearns to see the light that others also desperately need to see. Though stepping into this new, feminine leadership can be scary and uncomfortable, yet  it takes a  new attitude and approach to get new results. You are sensitive, intuitive and empathetic,You have got a purpose to fulfill here on earth, you have got potentials and power in you, all you have got to do is unleash your power with ease and confidence, creating your fulfilled, passionate life, contributing your gifts, skills and competences in a way that will impact others for good while experiencing a deep transformation that will empower you to lead with courage.


Join the Woman Arise Project team and every month you will take part in a powerful online or onsite leadership school. The transformational leadership circle is held on the second Saturday of every month. I and other transformational leaders on our team and special guest experts for the months, will take you through eye opening and game changing solutions that will help and support you in growing and applying your power in a practical way that can bring immediate result to your life, mission and business.


In this leadership circle of women you will be inspired to plant powerful seeds filled with the intentions of what you deeply desire in life. You will have a safe and inspiring place to share your intention with other women who hold the same vision as you and who will help you stay accountable when you feel fear or run out of ideas that lead you into self-sabotage.


In this transformational leadership circle, you will learn from women pioneers, CEO, authors, speakers, activists who are living an inspired and motivated life while creating revolutionary changes in our world. I and these extraordinary women will give you powerful tools and advise on how to fulfill your mission. Everything you could ever want to know about feminine leadership, life and business management skills, speaking, writing, hosting events, getting your mission out into the world and much more….are issues we will cover on this online or onsite  platforms. I and all these leading ladies will bare our souls for you, sharing our personal empowerment tools, leadership secrets, life mastery skills and methods for being a successful, happy, spiritually ,emotionally  and culturally intelligent leaders. We will show you how to ground your gifts in reality, using practical tools to support feminine leadership.


In this leadership circle you will have access to all of these learning tools: A membership site  where you can access additional transformational resources at any time as soon as you become a Woman Arise Project member. You also get access to monthly leadership exercises inspired by the month’s themes, topics and teachers that you can download as a videos, pdfs and do on your own and lead others through whenever you chose. The membership site will also store all the information you need about upcoming events, themes, teachers and leaders so you can get spiritually, emotionally and intellectually prepared for what is coming up next.


The monthly training will be in both audio and video formats that will inspire you by showcasing various topics. We know that learning and growing are so important to your journey, but so is being engaged and given a stage where you can share your wisdom , talent and skills. When you become part of the Woman Arise Project, you can apply to be featured in front of our entire global community.


Features and  Opportunities include:

  • A blog post featuring your mission and how you are fulfilling it.
  • An email sent to all our entire email lists,and all about you and your mission.
  • Major shout out on social media so that all of the community know who you are and what you do that can help them!


In essence Woman Arise Project is not just a learning circle but a circle to showcase the talents, skills and competence  of her community members to the whole world for eventual patronage.


Our topics and trainers change monthly, shifting base on what the circle needs per month to provide you with the tools you need to fly high over every limits.


Every month I and our team of other renowned leadership experts will guide you and create experiences that will help you to:

  • Manifest and create your best without burnout through energetic mastery tools for leaders like you, so that you can continuously share your beautiful skills and competences with others.
  • Develop your authentic confidence. That which is borne deep and rooted in compassion and humility, so that you can surrender to your soul true purpose.
  • Implement practical tips and tools for effectiveness, so that you can spend more time on what you actually want to be doing and less time on the mundane task that bring you down.
  • Be guided into and learn how to create for yourself exercises for powerful, transformative shifts, so that you can make way for more impact.
  • Discover and use strategic connections that will enrich and energize you in your leadership journey.
  • Help you strengthen and trust your abilities so that you shift into the next phase of your growth and leadership
  • Help you have and hold a powerful presence so that you can create high impact simply by being yourself.
  • Design transformational experiences and events that create true change for every one participating.
  • Attract opportunities and people who open doors of possibilities into your life so that you can change your material reality beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Gracefully and powerfully show up in a variety of situations in your life: from presentations at work, to leading events, teaching workshops, speaking on stages and more.
  • Re-program undesired habits and replace them with new habits that will empower you and improve your life.
  • Reconnect with yourself every month through guided support and services
  • Establish self-care habits that will increase your vibrancy, magnetism and effectiveness in all areas of your life.
  • Embrace the process of healing from insecurity, doubts and other self-limiting traits and tendencies so that you can become the person you have been created to be.
  • Learn how your emotional intelligence and intuition can guide you powerfully through life by allowing more of the divine into your daily experiences.
  • Clarify your mission and find the exact next creative step to take so that you can start following the call your soul feels and start transforming your life and that of others as well.


Are you ready to sign up and start your transformational leadership journey with the Woman Arise Project Monthly Membership Circle at just $100? Your access awaits you… Arise now!


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