WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP NETWORK is essentially another transformational leadership development platform, exclusively for women Executives and CEOs within the global vision of the WOMAN ARISE PROJECT.

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP NETWORK a membership based Network of women leaders. The network is committed to improving the leadership skills of women through knowledge sharing, capacity building, skills development and networking events and other technical supports and services.

The Network is also committed to empower and equip women to gain opportunities, grow their lives, businesses, ministries, organizations and achieve phenomenal success in their chosen endeavors and make high impact in the society.

The Network offers educational and self development programs run by women for women across the globe and creates platforms for participants to share experiences, learn new skills, gain confidence and build networks that will benefits them, their organizations and also equip them to be better leader.

The WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP NETWORK portfolio of about one hundred plus program`mmes provide a broad spectrum of unique self development programs including but not limited conferences, workshops, seminars and webinar's covering topics such as Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Management, Spiritual, Emotional, Cultural Intelligence,  Problem Solving, Goal Setting Team building, Communication, Relationship, Negotiation, Persuasion, presentation, Facilitation, Mentoring and Coaching Skills. These programs have been carefully designed to empower and equip our members with the latest tools and cutting edge best practices to meet the rigorous demands of today's fast paced business environment.

Other benefits that accrue from our training conferences/workshops/seminar/webinars include:

*A greater understanding of challenges facing women.

*Be mentored and learn how to mentor other women.

*Solid expository teachings/trainings.

*Discovering your worth and finding your special place and purpose in life.

* God centered and Bible based training.

*Convenient programmes with different formats (high quality online and onsite formats to choose from).


You are qualified to become a member of the Network and participate in these training programs if your answer is yes to any of the below listed questions:

(1)Are you a CEO or in an Executive position in your organization?

(2)Are you passionate about the value of women?

(3)Do you find family, friends, colleagues and associates, particularly the women folk often coming to you with their challenges?

(4)Do you feel God has gifted you with a heart that desires and needs to help these women, support and care for them?

(5)Do you wish you had a better understanding of the challenges womenfolk struggle with in today's complex world?


Whatever your roles, responsibilities, status, class, culture, career, dreams, aspirations and goals; the program might just be the best for you to be matchless, irreplaceable in your place and space. We have a self development training program that might suit you and meet you…

Conference/workshop/seminar/webinar details   will always be advertised on this site and other social media platforms.




The HIGH IMPACT LEADERSHIP ACADEMY is another leadership development platform of the Women of High Impact Foundation that offers Basic Certificate Courses and Advanced Certificate Courses.

The certificate courses are designed in a variety of format (The Regular Intensive, The Regular Flexible Weekend, The Executive Intensive and Executive Flexible Weekend. All format programs hold in February, May, August and November respectively.

The Regular Intensive certificate courses hold typically for 1 - 5 days (Monday - Friday) from 9am - 3pm.

The Regular Weekends only (Friday - Saturday for one month) from 4pm - 6pm.

The Executive Intensive of (Monday - Friday) from 9am - 3pm.

The Executive Weekend only (Friday - Saturday) for one month from 4pm - 6pm.



(1) A Survey of the Feminist theory and philosophy.

(2) Leadership Development (1)

(3) Personal Transformation

(4) Vision Analysis

(5) Goal Setting

(6) Decision Making

(7) Problem Solving

(8) Team Building

(9) Spiritual Gifts of Women

(10) Family Success & Relationship Management (1)

(11) Life & Time Management

(12) Stress & Health Management

(13) Financial Management

(14) Entrepreneurship & Business Management (1)

(15) Legal Issues in Leadership (personal, family & organization) (1)



(1) Biblical Theology of Womanhood.

(2) Leadership Development (2)

(3) Family Success & Relationship (2) Management

(4) Entrepreneurship & Business Management (2)

(5) Legal Issues in Leadership (personal, Family & organization) (2)

(6) Contemporary Women Ministry

(7) Mentoring & Coaching

(8) Delegation & Supervision

(9) Event & Project Management

(10) Conflict Resolution & Crisis Management

(11) Negotiation & Persuasion

(12) Presentation & Facilitation

(13) Public Speaking

(14) Creative Writing

(15) Community/National Development



A foremost leadership Academy to raise High impact women in every sphere of life.



To empower and equip women to discover, develop and deploy their God given potentials through Bible based leadership and management principles.



Resourcefulness Integrity




The Basic Certificate Course is designed to:

*Help increase the personal efficiency of participants as leaders.

*Equip participants to develop their unique leadership skills.

*Equip participants to raise purpose driven and excellence - oriented organizations.

*Help participants attain maximum success in every aspect of life.


The Advanced Certificate Course is designed to:

*Develop and refine the personal characteristics of participants needed to be truly effective leaders.

*Help them become more confident, competent, skillful and visionary.

*Make participants become more compassionate and inspirational leaders.

*Foster creativity and innovation

*Help participants develop team spirit and a productive mentality.



It is our desire to give every woman the opportunity to be a part of the Academy; hence we have designed the programs to suit every woman, even busy women who cannot make out time during week days to attend lectures. Irrespective of their age, status, class, culture, religion, race, assignment and work experience; every woman can benefit from the program.


The High Impact Leadership experience is all about transforming women for the better and raising High Impact Women who will in turn transform their families, churches, organizations, communities and nations.



High Impact Leadership Academy, No 9 Station Road, Town, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

08034226369, 09059347642.



Every participant must be a graduate of the Basic course to qualify to attend the Advanced.

Our Tuition Fee

Executive - $150 (this is inclusive of tea break, full launch and participant certificate.

Regular - $ 30 (you will only be given a workbook that summarizes the course outline.

How to register for the Women Leadership Course

Registration is to be done strictly online. You can make your payment with your Credit card or do an online bank transfer, or make deposit physically at the bank and then come online to fill the Course registration for the payment category you choose.

Register For Executive Register For Regular