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The Lord said unto him, go thy way for he is a

chosen vessel unto me… (Acts 9:15)


Every one of God’s choice vessels has a certain weakness that makes them God’s special treasures and draws God’s attention to them.  There is a weakness that commands honour before God and before men.  This kind of weakness makes a woman useful not only to her husband but also to God; this type of weakness qualifies her to be a chosen vessel unto God as a partaker of the grace of God along with the male counterparts.  This weakness comes from recognizing her spiritual poverty; a disposition of mind that in turn draws spiritual riches of heaven to the soul of the woman who has it and recognizes it.  It is a useful weakness that makes her unable to do anything in her strength; it is a weakness that qualifies and positions her to receive strength and grace from above to help her in times of need.  This weakness can actually be referred to as brokenness.


When a woman feels satisfied with her educational, social, financial, economic, political and spiritual status and does not see her need for God and His help, that is simply suggestive of, and equally saying to God that you are strong enough in yourself and have no need of God.  Only a fool will by attitude, action and words say she does not need God.  Such attitude brings dishonour to such a woman; pride certainly goes before a fall.  God will not waste time with such a woman except she humbles herself.  God will resist such and keep them afar off.  God only strengthens and helps those who come humbly to Him in their broken and weak state seeking His help.  Had the first woman Eve recognized her weakness, she would not have fallen into Satan’s trap and would not have acted independently.  She would have sought the help of the Lord and her husband before acting on the serpent’s suggestion.  This is the kind of weakness talked about to put to shame the things which are mighty.


God delights in choosing the weak things to shame the strong and mighty things of the world, so that no flesh will glory in His presence.  Ordinarily, the strong woman will normally depend on her strength to do her things; she will not depend on the spirit of God; so God does not have delight in choosing and using such women to accomplish His purposes.  The weakness referred to here is not timidity, not inferiority complex and certainly not assuming a false and pretended humility, it is the weakness that admits and acknowledges the utter helplessness of the soul and recognizes the deep need for God’s help. Usually, every woman will want to be numbered among the strong, but when a woman puts herself in that state and maintains that attitude of pride and presumption, she simply edges herself out of God’s reservoir of vessels meet for honourable uses and prepared for good works in God’s Kingdom.  God’s choice vessels are usually women who recognize their need for God and pursue nothing with the energy of the flesh; women who have no confidence in the flesh; they are women who are dead to sin and self, women who will allow God’s strength be made perfect in their weaknesses and not be self satisfied to flout and boast all the time about their academic qualifications, connections, position in society, or brag about their wealth and riches whether it be spiritual or material things; for what have we that we have not received after all from the Lord. If you have received all from the Lord, why do you boast?  Humble yourself before God and man, so that God will exalt and honour you in due course.  This lowly state that God requires from a woman who will be a chosen vessel is not a curse and certainly not a disability. It is not incapacitation; it is rather divine empowerment that makes the woman an asset for divine usefulness in the Kingdom of God and in the society.  God found this attitude of weakness and brokenness in the Gentile women, Rahab and Ruth, who by act of God’s mercy were constricted into Christ linage of grace by reason of their spiritual brokenness and insight.  They both recognized the disparity between Israel’s God and the gods of their people and became role models for making the right decision and standing firm, even when it meant going against their peers and people. No wonder God chose them and placed them in the lineage of the Messiah.


Prayer Focus:            Lord, help me to recognize my utter helplessness without you at all times and help me to become useful in your Kingdom in Jesus Name.


Quotes:                       … God will take any willing vessel and use it, but it is His power …

                                                                                                                    Kathryn Kulman

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