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Then God blessed them and said; be fruitful, multiply,

replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion …

(Genesis 1:28).


God created ‘them’ male and female right from the beginning and blessed them both.  He did not bless only the male; He blessed the male and the female equally.  By this assertion from Scripture therefore, it is clear that the woman contains and carries in her, part of God’s blessing for the earth just as the man  contains and carries his portion of blessing for the earth.  A portion of God’s blessing for the propagation and continuity of your family, your church, your community and nation is situated in your life as a woman.  When this blessing is released and manifested the world gets blessed.


While men have their role to play in this noble assignment of being blessed and being a blessing to the earth; it will be a costly assumption to think and imagine that it is their responsibility alone.  If your parents, siblings, spouse, children, neighbours, brethren, colleagues and kinsmen will receive any blessing from the Lord, part of that blessing is contained and must flow through your life to them.  As a matter of fact, families, churches, communities and nations will be deprived of the aspect of  God’s manifested blessing and stagnate until the women arise as active containers, carriers and channels of God’s blessing to such institutions.


Every woman has been endowed with the generational potentials and powers to bear fruits physically, mentally and spiritually; as long as there is a connection and an abiding in the ‘vine’, no matter how wonderful and great the potential is in a man to be fruitful, the man alone cannot bear any fruits as a married man without his wife.  Abraham, the father of faith remained barren as long as Sarah his wife was barren.  Sarah may have initially thought that she did not matter after all in God’s agenda, and that she was of no consequence to the fulfillment of God’s plan for Abraham to be the father of many nations.  For as long as she was negligent and complacent about the issue of their being fruitful, she remained barren and as a result, Abraham also remained barren.  But thank God the story changed; for as soon as she received strength to conceive, she bore a child when she was medically past the age of bearing children, because she judged Him faithful who had promised.


There is a blessing which God has situated in every woman, which must be contributed to bring about fruitfulness on the earth alongside the contribution of our male counterparts.  It is not only physical or biological fruits alone that we are expected to contribute, but we have been blessed to also contribute mental or ‘brain fruits’ such as inventions, innovations and many other culture shaping and value adding ‘fruits’ to make our world a habitable place.


Prayer Focus:            Lord, help me to release and manifest my part of the blessing                                              to rule and reign in the world in Jesus Name.  Amen


Quote:                         Far too many women today are fainthearted, weak in determination and with an ‘I can’t’ attitude – they are lacking in power.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  As God’s woman you have been given the power, and all you need to do is, recognize and then walk in that which is already yours.

Joyce Meyers

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