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He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour

from the Lord  (Proverbs 18:22)


God created the man and before He created the woman, He said it is not good for the man to be alone. The bottom line following this Scripture then, is that what God put in the woman for the man would be good for him ultimately.  The woman was created for the man’s good.  God says that a man needs a good woman as a wife to experience the best in his life.  When something is made to be good for something else, it means that the thing is well pleasing, beautiful and that it has that which is good for the other thing. A woman is surely a good thing; she is the highest good besides God the Creator that is around her husband and mankind in general.  The woman is the one who by her goodness will enhance and enlarge the life of her husband, children and home by her goodly influence to make her husband, children and home a haven for all. This is God’s expectation for every woman and wife.  A part of your husband’s lot in life to emerge all that he is destined to be is located in you.  Understanding this great truth and actively and intelligently contributing the goodness your man desperately needs into his life is very crucial and critical to the fulfillment and completion of the destiny of both of you.

When a man finds a wife, he does not only find his missing rib, but he equally obtains goodness, grace and favour from the Lord as well.  This is so because by design, the woman is a man’s rib, bone of his bones, flesh of his flesh together with goodness, grace, favour and help of God, all in one – and specially packaged to make the man fulfill his destiny. Whenever a woman allows God’s grace and goodness to exude through her life to her husband, even if the husband does not desire to be great, he cannot but experience greatness.  The godly virtue in the life of the wife will begin to bring the husband to limelight.  Just as it is clear that no head can grow tall and lift itself from the ground all by itself, it will surely need the body (wife) to lift it high; precisely speaking, the greatness and honour your husband experiences in life and destiny will be a function of the good thing you become to him.


A key characteristic of a good woman is that she brings good not evil and harm to all her relationships both near and far; instead of offering her Adam the fruit of ‘Knowledge of Good and Evil’, she offers him the fruit of the Spirit. By your good attitude and actions, you are expected to influence your world. That was how Abigail the wife of Nabal became the wife of David after her husband Nabal died. Her goodness and benevolence to David and his servants paid off in the long run.  She sought the good of her husband and household in spite of his foolishness and stinginess and God saw to it that she and her household were not destroyed at a critical time.



Prayer Focus:            Lord, thank you for making me a good thing.  Let your goodness and grace continually manifest and bless my husband, household and my world in Jesus Name.


Quotes:                       A good thing is who you are; you are not just well made as a woman, you are made to be seen and celebrated.

Christie Oloko

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