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The Lord God said; it is not good that the man should be alone;

I will make him help meet for him (Genesis 2:18).


The purpose of God for creating the woman is clearly stated in the Scripture and the role assigned to her from creation is equally spelt out.  The name given to her by the Creator is Helper.  This indicates that there is a work to be done and that there is need for help in that work. To be a helper means to be an assistant, one who assists another person, someone who is useful to somebody, one who makes it easier for another to do something.  To be a helper also means to share and bear part of the burden another person is bearing (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary).


Whereas the male is given the leadership role in the ‘Relationship’ and ‘Rulership’ Assignment given to mankind, the female is given the role of helping in the assignment.  The call to be a helper is a serious responsibility for every woman, whether young or old, single, married or widowed.  Our assignment of helping extends to all spheres of life and if there is no need for help, there would have been no need for a helper. If anything meaningful will be achieved on the earth, the woman must make her contribution of helping by making herself suitable, adaptable and ‘completing’ for the man.


The woman is fashioned to be a helper and as one, who helps she is made and equipped with many qualities and abilities to do a helper’s job both generally and especially as it concerns her relationship with her husband.  The helper role surely has clear implications on the woman for her home and the Kingdom of God as well.  For the married woman, being a helper to her husband is actually what God intended when he made the woman.  In other words, the primary call of every married woman is to help her husband in the accomplishment of the totality of God’s plan for both of their lives.  God’s plan for the man and his wife is always one.  In that work plan, the man is the foreman, while the woman is the helper.  The accomplishment of that work usually comes as both the man and the woman remain in their respective places of assignment and perform their roles and responsibilities. Every woman is expected to understand her role and responsibilities, be content about it, focus on it and be diligent about it to the point of excellence. Sticking to the identity and assignment as helper will in turn bring peace, progress and harmony in the union between the man and the wife and in society in general.  Thus, every woman who wants to enjoy her relationship with her husband must endeavour to avoid all forms of confusion of sexes that could cause struggles with her man for authority; rather the woman is expected to help everyone around her (spouse, children, parents, siblings, colleagues, brethren, neighbours, dependants, kinsmen, etc.).  This should be done firstly by living a life  worthy of emulation; one that will command the attention of all to know Christ and compel the obedience of all to  follow in her footsteps, believe in Christ Jesus and accept Him as Lord and Saviour.


Just as it has been pointed out earlier, the helping role of the woman is not the exclusive preserve of the married woman alone; it is also a call for the single and widowed woman too.  When God said He would make a helper for the man, I believe He implied that the woman be a helpmeet for mankind generally, not just to her husband alone.  This means for instance that, every woman in the Kingdom of God whether single, married or widowed could render help and support to the men she encounters in life particularly in a spiritual and social sense.  This does not mean she has to submit to all men as she should to her husband, but instead to do everything within her means to help mankind scripturally and socially too.  Prayerfully, find out from the Lord, the work of the salvation, deliverance, healing and restoration of the dignity of mankind, that is to be done in your family, church, community, school, workplace and nation and fit into that role of helper in the work using your gifts, talents abilities, skills and qualities you have been endowed with.


The Apostle Paul spoke commendably of a certain woman called Phoebe (Romans 16:1-2) who was a helper to many; may that be your testimony also from your Creator and others from now henceforth as you begin to engage yourself in seeking the Kingdom of God and its righteousness on earth.


Prayer Focus:            Lord, help me to take my place and fulfill my role as a helper of mankind in Jesus Name.


Quotes:                       We must not dilute the worth of our design as women by capitulating to the voices in our culture that says we have to do the same thing as men in order to have value.  We must be proactive in declaring the Biblical agenda for womanhood to our culture.

Susan Hunt


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