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… that they may teach the young women to … be discreet,

chaste, keepers at home … (Titus 2:3-5)

The home is the primary place where parents and children live, learn and grow together in God’s wisdom and apply such wisdom to their lives.  It is also a place where loving relationships are built on mutual communication and understanding, and where children and adults both learn and grow in the basic practical skills needed for life to function smoothly and satisfactorily.


A woman’s role involves helping family members get along with one another in the context of the home and creating an environment in which each family member feels fully at ease, nurtured and secure.  The home is expected to be a place of refuge from all of life’s storms, a place where family members can retreat to, relax and regain themselves fully.


A woman’s home-making ability should therefore be infused with creativity and love to make her home reflect her own personal style and the Kingdom style.  Home-making skills were highly prized in Biblical times and even in our contemporary times, the situation should not be different. Thus, the training of young women is expected to focus primarily on the care of husbands, children and the home.


Home-making from a biblical perspective however, is not limited to the care of physical property or the meeting of physical needs of husbands and children but extends to the creation of a nurturing and satisfying environment in which a family might flourish emotionally and spiritually.  In the context of such a home, the identities of family members are forged in a healthy and positive way making such family members truly equipped to minister to others.  A home built on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ and nurtured by a woman who spends time seeking God’s wisdom, understanding and a revelation knowledge of the Lord each day will surely stand strong in the storms of life.  That was the situation in the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus who were the friends of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Their home was a friendly retreat centre for the Lord who may have been within their age group.  Undoubtedly, these wonderful siblings who had become true disciples of Jesus (though all single whether by choice or circumstance beyond their control and living in Bethany together) having experienced God’s power through the ministry of Jesus Christ their mutual friend, chose to use their home-making skills and abilities to bless Him and others.  Jesus, as well as countless other disciples, who needed the physical refreshment and warm hospitality of the home of Mary and Martha, was never disappointed.  They did not consider their home-making responsibility as worthless and drudgery, but obviously loved and kept their home, counting it great joy to pour their energies into the efficient management of their household.  No wonder our Lord Jesus Christ often retreated to their home.  These two women are a reminder to every woman whether single, married or widowed, of the balance between fellowship with the family and work necessary to meet mundane needs.


Prayer Focus:            Lord, help me to be a homemaker whose home will be attractive and accommodative to meet the needs of others in the Kingdom in Jesus Name.


Quotes:                       Our homes should be life giving and soul refreshing, a soft spot to land on a hard day and a beautiful place to recharge and rejuvenate.

(Melissa Michaels)

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