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And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she

was the mother of all living (Genesis 3:20).



The name Eve, given by Adam to his wife means “Life-Giver” according to the Hebrew translation of the word chavvah.  The woman is principally a life-giver, for she has been given the ability to receive the seed of the male and to produce after their kind.  This is a powerful and serious responsibility. As Eve’s daughters, the vocation of all women is to be a mother – to bring life into this world.  This call is however, not confined to physical reproduction and so is in no way limited by singleness or infertility.  For example, one of the most famous ‘mothers’ of our generation never bore a single child: Mother Theresa.  Yet, she and her Christian sisters brought life into Calcutta – a city named after the god of death.  Similarly, Mary Slessor, though unmarried, succeeded in giving life back to twin children doomed for death and destruction in Calabar, Nigeria.


Every woman is called to be a life bearer in her home, community, church, school, workplace and nation. God created the woman uniquely and specially with extraordinary capacity and abilities to be able to carry a baby to full term and to deliver the baby.  He gave the woman a womb to enable her conceive, incubate and deliver life.  What a great privilege it is to be created to conceive, develop and birth new life and new things.  However, the woman was made not just to birth ‘biological babies’ alone, but also to birth ‘brain babies’ – that is to say, great inventions, innovations and visions.  Indeed, God’s design for the woman as life-giver goes beyond her physical abilities, she also has the abilities to see possibilities.  She has the ability to multiply whatever is given to her. The woman provides all the resources and time to form a new being; therefore the offspring are forever grateful to her.  Also the life-giving role of the woman and her gestational ability as an integral part of her nature permeates all realms of her life not only the physical.  Just as she has a physical womb, so she has an emotional, mental and spiritual ‘wombs’. She is capable of bringing forth life in all of these realms of her makeup.  She receives whatever goes into her, nurtures it until it matures and then gives it back in fully developed and transformed forms.  When she receives the sperm of the man, her egg uniting with sperm is what creates human life, and the resulting embryo cells begin to multiply when it is in the nurturing environment of her womb. The merger of a sperm and egg results in a fully developed human being.


Similarly, when a woman receives the seed of the word of God into her mental and spiritual womb, incubates, nurtures and develops such words, it can equally result in manifested miracles as exemplified by the Virgin Mary giving birth to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Usually when a woman receives any idea, whether positive or negative and incubates them, it becomes stronger and bigger.  She is capable of transforming and multiplying whatever gets into her.  If you give her a sperm, she produces a baby, you give her a house she will give you a home, you give her groceries, she will give you a meal. In the negative sense too, if you give her trouble, she can give you hell if she is not saved and converted.


Thus, every woman who knows, fears and loves the Lord is expected to arise and use these abilities embedded in her to birth new creations into the Kingdom of God.  Arise and use the seed of the word of God you have received to birth your miracles today! Birth new positive things in your home, church, workplace, community, nation and generation.


Prayer Focus:            Lord, help me to begin to embrace my role of life-giver in the various realms of my life in Jesus Name.


Quotes:                       “Life-giving” is the most powerful, influential and eternal thing that you’ll ever do in this life.  It is who we were created to be … Eve was the prototype of all women to come.

(Nancy Campbell)


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