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Then God blessed them and said; be fruitful, multiply,

replenish the earth and subdue it and have Dominion …

(Genesis 1:28)


Apart from being created in the image of God to ‘relate’ to others; the woman, alongside the man, was equally created to ‘rule’ over creation.  I verily believe that the ‘relational’ aspect of God’s commission has particular significance for women more than the ‘rulership’; since we were made because God saw that it was not good for the man to be alone.  Be that as it may, Eve still had a role as co-ruler with Adam under God’s rule – a position of privilege and authority.  ‘Authority’ in this case implies ‘rightful, actual and unimpeded power to act, or to possess, control, use or dispose of something or somebody’ Eve was surely given authority to rule and dominate.  All authorities however have limits or boundaries just as in the case of ‘you must not eat from the tree and to rule well, we must respect these boundaries and submit to the one who has authority over us all.  It seems to me however that many women have chosen to abdicate their authority to rule.  Many women have neglected this aspect of God’s mandate to them and are hiding behind not only their Fig Leaf clothes, but lagging behind their men as an excuse for not obeying God’s divine commission to rule over the earth.


God’s divine mandate to rule the earth was given to both of ‘them’ – the man and the woman.  It was not given to the man alone.  It was a joint divine responsibility which points to the importance of the woman in God’s grand design for the earth.  She surely holds the key to part of the assignment God has designated them to fulfill on earth and it must not be taken lightly at any point in time.


God’s work has always suffered damage and set back whenever and wherever women lack the knowledge of the divine mandate, or are complacent about the fulfillment of their parts.  God’s commission was given to the man and the woman.  Whether it is as relating to the ‘first commission’ (Genesis 1:28) or as relating to the ‘Great Commission’ (Matthew 28:19-20) to raise new creations all over the world; the men must not be left alone to fulfill the assignment. The woman was equally commissioned and must rise to do her part of the work.  We must be ready to go wherever God leads us and take territories for Him on earth.  We have been given the assignment to rule over the earth, bringing it under control and making sure that God’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven – in our homes, churches, work places, communities and nations.  Certainly by our prayers, lifestyle and good works we can make a difference in our world.  Spiritual and moral decay will continue to be the order of the day in many societies if women in such societies abdicate their God given areas and places of authority. Suffice to say that even the spirituality of a church congregation can often be directly related to the spirituality of the women therein.  Moral decadence in many homes, churches, communities and nations of the world is a very direct indication of the state of affairs with the women therein.


Prayer Focus:            Lord, show me the areas and places in which I have authority and help me to exercise it wisely in Jesus Name.  Amen.


Quote:                         “If women even scratch the surface of the meaning of our calling, we will not listen to the voices that tell us that equality means sameness, this message denigrates womanhood; Scripture validates womanhood.”

Susan Hunt

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