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If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto Honour

sanctified and meet for the master’s use and prepared unto every good work

2 Timothy 2:21)


The fact that man and woman are both created from the ground has been established.  That is so basic, it does not matter whether you believe in creation or evolution or some combination.  The fact remains that- no earth, no man and no woman.  However, in spite of being made from dust or clay, we are being molded into something besides just a mere lump.  No potter takes a lump of clay and just molds or makes it into another lump of clay.  The end result is almost always a container of some kind, a vessel if you will, hence the question in Scripture, “Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour and another unto dishonour (Romans 9:21).  It is clear therefore that whatever lump of clay Adam was made from, Eve was made from that same lump too.


The question is which is which.  To clarify what is said in our text, you can think of a vessel of honour as being a decorative vase, beautifully glazed, placed upon a shelf for all to admire, whereas the vessel of dishonour is like a common bowl, utilitarian yet still valuable.  The issue of which is which, will still hunt us, but the answer is in our text.  A man will have to purge himself of something (that something is called dishonor) to become a vessel of honour, whereas the woman in Christ is a vessel of honour.  This position I am expressing follows the Biblical principles in second Corinthians chapter twelve verse twenty four where Scriptures says to give more abundant honour to the part which lacked it.  That which lacks receives greater honour.  In the case of the woman, being then described as the weaker vessel, God has given greater honour by commanding even the husband to treat her honourably (1Pet.3:7). This is probably so because the woman was created, not from mud as the man was, but from pottery clay.   Thus women can be said to be beautiful glasses and jewelry cases, whereas men can be said to be like the utilitarian pots and bowls.  Women are the vessels of honour.  There is therefore no point in any woman treating herself dishonourably.


The woman is a special breed, she is God’s special masterpiece which nothing in the whole of nature can surpass. The woman, like a gem is valuable, but her true value is not determined by a gemologist, no one but God can determine her true value.  God did not mess up His design of you.  He created you in His image and you have His imprint on you.  You can distort the image He has placed on you by the way you live, but you cannot eliminate the image of God within you.  No matter what you do or don’t do, you cannot veer so far from God that He cannot reach you.  When you neglect or refuse to acknowledge the worth God has given you – whether you inflate or deflate yourself – you are trying to say you know more about how you are made and who you are than God does.  You are simply wrestling with God in that case for His authority – and this is one wresting match you are sure to lose.  God decides your worth and He thinks you are worth sending His only begotten son to die for.  Yes, God sees your shortcomings, but He sees them only in the context of your potentials.  He knows the possibilities with which He made you and He will continually strive to guide and mould you as a vessel of honour until He completes His work in you. When you don’t acknowledge His will and your value, you miss out on a piece of His plan, which is exactly what you need to avoid.  Allow the Lord show you your value and when He does, fully live as He intends.  He wants you to know Him and follow Him dedicatedly as His chosen vessel.


 Prayer Focus:            Lord, help me to live honourably from today and help me to co-operate and follow your leading in Jesus Name.


Quotes:                       God’s vessel when God has finished molding me, I will be a beautiful vessel in His hands ….

Ellen Jean Barrier


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