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You are my battle axe and weapon of war….. (Jeremiah 51:20-23).


There are forces and powers of darkness that have arisen in all lands to wage war against the purposes and plans of God in the lives of women. The kingdom of the devil is opposed to God’s will and heart beat for women and they are fighting directly and indirectly, day and night against the work of God in women. In the midst of the war that is raging, God has called every woman in the kingdom of God to be his Battle Axe and his Weapon of War. He wants to use as many women who are willing and obedient to break in pieces and destroy satanic kings and their kingdoms and equally use such women to establish His kingdom reign on the earth. Consider women like Deborah and Jael in battle with Sisera, the great Army General of Jabin, the King of Moab. It was God Himself that fought through the kingdom duo as His willing battle tools and war implements.

A battle axe is a weapon in the hand of the warrior that can be used to bring down the enemy. It has the capacity to cut down, root out and break into pieces the strong hold of the enemy. What God intended to do to Sisera, King Jabin and the whole army of Moab, He did through Deborah and Jael working with Barak. Sisera did not have to see God directly, but encountered God’s judgment working through these women.

Similarly, God’s age long promise of blotting out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven was fulfilled through Esther’s willingness to be used as God’s Battle Axe and Weapon of War to destroy the wicked Haman, the Agagite who was a remnant of the Amalekites, a self promoter who sought to advance himself, second only to the Monarch, King Ahasuerus, and was under Satan’s inspiration to destroy and annihilate God’s people, the Israelites, from the face of the earth.

The world we live in is a battle field and it is a place full of darkness. To survive, thrive and comfortably reign on earth as a woman, you must agree to function as God’s Battle Axe and Weapon of War that will be enabled by God to fight His battles for your family, community, church and nation. Your God is a warrior and He is described as a Man of War; He is on top of His game fighting your battles – both the visible and invisible ones. He wants to use you like He used Deborah, Jael and Esther to destroy many Siseras and Hamans who are busy fighting to frustrate God’s purpose for you and others close to you.  God is looking for the company of women warriors raised up to take over cities and nations and cause transformation on the earth. This great company of women walking in revelation, clothed in anointing, worshipping in holiness and moving in the rhythms of His grace, fully able to not just fight, but win the war of taking territories and kingdoms for God. Don’t be left behind in the devil’s camp as his tool to   frustrate the agendas of God; rather it is time to arise and join in the task of living according to the will and the word of God and work to put yourself in shape, sharpened with the word, strengthened by His Spirit, free of rust to be a mighty instrument in God’s hand to wrought great victories in the earth.

Prayer focus:             Lord I lay my life down to be used as your Battle Axe and Weapon of War to accomplish great victories for your kingdom.


Quote:                         Warriors are not always the fastest and strongest people. Strength and speed can be developed through training. Warriors are those who choose to stand between their enemy and all that he loves and holds sacred.

                                                                                     Radiant Glory






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