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And Deborah, a Prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth,

she judged Israel at that time. (Judges 4:4)


Women in Bible times were often thought of as being weak pawns in the world of mighty men. A careful study of Scriptures however, reveals women of enormous influence over their families, community and nation. Women like Esther who through her spirituality, smartness and stylishness overcame the enemy of her nation and Deborah who judged all of Israel and led a general into a victorious battle are a few examples we can learn from.


The same kind of influence is evident today among women all over the world who use their gifts and talents to lead movements, rear families, nurture and be a blessing to the body of Christ and the world at large.  Women have a rare ability to impact and influence society by practicing the same sacrificial attitude of the Biblical women whose testimonies are found in Scriptures.  The issue is not whether women have influence to lead, but whether they will choose to use their influence for good or for evil, extend God’s Kingdom on earth or attempt to destroy the Kingdom with their influence.  Some of the greatest leaders on earth today are powerful women.  They are there in homes, churches, in corporate organizations and in government.


Where would the church of Jesus be today without the ladies?  Way back in Jesus’ days, it was leading ladies like Mary Magdalene and the other ‘Marys’, Joana and Susanna who led the way in serving and ministering to Jesus with their substances as the Lord and His disciples embarked on ministerial journeys.  As it was then, even today, some women lead the way in serving: singing in the choir, praying, teaching in Sunday school, engaging in mission projects, hospital visitation of the sick, prisons visitation and refugees camp visitation and resuscitation.


I really thank God for the leading ladies in our churches and communities who are ever willing and ready to roll up their sleeves and serve Jesus faithfully. Whereas, most women have risen to the level of being in the spotlight, fame, fortune and are highly celebrated,  other of God’s greatest leading ladies are also those who work behind the spotlight, faithfully loving their spouses, children and neighbours and quietly drying the tears of a child in some motherless ‘babies home.’


All through the ages, God has always chosen to work through every day ladies to fulfill His purposes.  Despite the fact that ‘women in leadership’ is often a very controversial subject everywhere, when you read the Bible, you will find some incredible women who were used of God for His purposes. When you also read historical accounts of women’s exploits and observe your environment and watch trends, you will find that women have always been available and accessible to both lead their lives and lead others to fulfill God’s purposes.  Like the Deborah and Esther of Biblical times and the Mary Slessor and Mother Theresa of blessed memory, you are expected to arise to be God’s leading lady, the heroine, the star and the celebrity not only of your life and family, but also as God’s leading lady and assume leading roles in the church, workplace, government and the business world, as we get to the end of the age of our generation.  May God help you to come out of every comfort zone to the centre stage of life to impart and influence your world that is in dire need of the direction and revelation of the knowledge of the word and wisdom of God.


Prayer focus:             Lord, help me to take the lead in the various roles and responsibilities you have ordained for me in Jesus Name.


Quote:                         Above all, be the heroine of yourself, not the victim.

                                                                                                                 Author unknown

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