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God is beginning new things in your life today in Jesus name! And I urge you to believe Him seriously. Even though clouds of darkness may still seem to surround the new things God is beginning in your life, that doesn’t mean that what He has promised is not truth or real. As a matter of fact, one way by which you will know and understand that God is beginning new things in your life is the degree and dimension of challenges you are faced with right now. Indeed, there are always battles that surrounds every blessing or breakthrough that God promises, but it is only those who are able to tarry in His presence with the right perspective and trust Him who eventually see His miraculous handiwork, manifestation of His power and fulfillment of His promises in their lives even in the worst of circumstances.

The holy scriptures abound with many references of “new things” that God Almighty has promised about: New Mercies, New Name, New Nature, New Spirit, New Tongues, New Song, New Wine and Oil, New Garment, New Covenant, New Commandment, New Heaven and Earth, New Jerusalem)amongst others. For sure our God is always in the business of bringing forth new things. Thus, be rest assured that, for whatsoever new things you are personally desiring, it is certainly well catered for in the word of God. Have you been desiring and trusting God for a new business idea or vision, new markets, new open doors, new opportunities, new connections, new relationships, new clients, new customers, new friends, new appointment, new job, new house, new car, new spouse, new baby and many more new things; Find out the word of God for whatever new things you desire of the Lord, believe His word, confess His word and you will surely have whatsoever you say.

Lastly, I will also like to remind you that in this season of new things, God is interested in doing a new and a quick work in the lives of His people. So if you are not born again yet, please you have this wonderful opportunity to receive and believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour today. He has come so that you might have life and have it more abundantly. You need not linger in your old sinful ways again. I assure you, the decision to make Jesus Christ the saviour and Lord of your life will put you on the pedestal of new things the remaining part of this year and indeed the rest of your life. It is my prayer for you today that you do not miss out on the new things God has in store for you this season in Jesus name. Amen.

And if you do need help to make that all important decision to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour and be free from every old limiting ways and opposing forces of darkness, pls don’t hesitate, reach out to me as soon as possible, call/chat: 08067902928 or email

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