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Nay, In All These Things We Are More Than Conqueror

Through Him That Loved Us. (Romans 8:37)


You are more than a conqueror through Christ not just in some situations, but in all circumstances of life. The ground for this great truth is God’s love for you. Your victory does not lie within yourself, not in your strength at all, but your victory rests in the finished work of Christ. The love of God is so vast, deep and so far reaching that God wants you to know that nothing can separate you from his great love. You are more than a conqueror, but you don’t have to fight in your strength to ensure your victory; victory is yours already because the Lord loves you and has promised that His love is the guarantee for your conquest in the midst of all things that come against you.


Let this truth become a reality in your life; if you just take God by His word and learn to trust Him. Faith in God is what will ultimately give you victory, even when nothing that is happening in, to and around you seem to suggest or backup the truth of your victory. You will either have to believe what God says about you and your situation or what your senses and others say about you and your situation. You are more than a conqueror and regardless of how you feel, the word today should offer you hope, peace and encouragement if you are feeling discouraged, defeated and overwhelmed by life’s circumstances.


I know that negative circumstances can make life very unpleasant, but remember you are not in this alone. I have had my fair share of challenges too; as a matter of fact, as I am writing and working on this daily devotional project, I am going through and having to endure severe emotional, mental and physical pain following the death of my mother, but in spite of the challenges, I am certain of this truth that I am more than a conqueror. In fact the death of my mother has become the catalyst and the inspiration for embarking on this project. It has served the purpose of helping me to discover that I can be a blessing to other women.


Most women are under the misconception that victory is the absence of problem, but I don’t believe that real victory is defined as when life is free from trouble and affliction.


Your pain in your suffering is very real, but so is God’s purpose. True victory comes right in the midst of the storm, when you can still have peace in the storm that is raging around you, when tragedy has struck and you can nevertheless say, “it is well with my soul”, when in the midst of every challenge you can still be on top rather than being at the bottom or perpetually living under one form of attack or the other. There is no situation you are in today that can change the truth of God’s love.


He has promised that in “All These Things, You Are More Than Conquerors.” Though you may not feel like a conqueror and you may not see anything that suggests so in the physical plane, it is true nevertheless. God did not say that in some of these difficulties He will help you, but He has said that he will help you in “ALL THESE THINGS.” He also did not say He will remove the challenges and immune you from all hardship, He rather says in ALL THESE THINGS YOU ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS. These phrase used only in the New Testament refers to someone who gains a surpassing victory; it means to be completely victorious and to carry away an overwhelming victory. Looking critically at the Scripture used in our context, it suggests a present tense and an active situation which implies that we keep winning a glorious victory. It is my prayer therefore; that you will accept by faith the promise of God concerning the victory you have in Christ Jesus and that God will help you live out that victory every day despite your circumstances.


Prayer Focus:            Lord, help me realize that my victory is guaranteed in all situations in Jesus name.


Quotes:                       The eagle has no fear of adversity, be like the eagle and have a fearless Spirit of a conqueror.

                                                                                    Joyce  Myers.





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