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I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your

seed and her seed, it shall bruise thy head and thou shall

bruise his heel (Genesis3:5).


The woman’s unwholesome communion with the devil in the Garden of Eden led to the fall of man.  As a result of the fall, man lost the authority and the dignity of creation and became separated from God.  Soon after that happened however, God did not leave the woman and the man in that hopeless state forever, even when it seemed as if everything about God’s glorious plan for the woman and her man was lost, God’s merciful hand was stretched forth to rescue her and all of mankind.


In announcing the strategy of victory and the redemption plan for mankind, God certainly involved the woman to play a vital role in carrying out the Judgment pronounced against the serpent and by extension Satan (the spiritual serpent who disguised himself in the Garden of Eden). This brings a ray of hope and a serious responsibility for the woman.


God promised to put enmity between the serpent and the woman. The enmity became a peculiar endowment to help her resist, overcome the devil and put him under subjection, thus enabling her to function in her role as a woman. The woman having allowed herself to be used as the channel for the fall, God in His wisdom equally planned that the redemption of mankind would also come through the woman who will bear and produce the seed that will bruise the head of the serpent. God’s expectation for the woman is for her to attack and resist the devil and his wicked works in her life and in her world.  God’s commission for the woman is clear in Scripture: Enforce the judgment pronounced against Satan and bring utter destruction upon him and his works just as you would do to an enemy.


The devil on his part is not ignorant about his portion of the judgment against the woman, he has been seriously and diligently going about to fulfill his part of the judgment, he is in constant enmity and rage against the woman; he seeks in every way to bruise the woman’s heel and that of her offspring at every slight opportunity.  Hence, he always plans and plots diverse strategies and schemes that will spoil and defile young girls, embarrass single women, devour married woman and their homes, mess up and bring down  widows completely.


Come to think of it, it is a well known fact that calamities, oppression, pestilence, famine and indeed every kind of evil that occurs in the world today have been discovered to have more effect on women and their children.  On the issue of human trafficking and child labour, it is mainly women and the girl child that are being used this way for prostitution and other kinds of social vices.  There have been a lot of cases of women of all ages being abused and misused in different cultures.  In addition, the girl child has always suffered injustice and inequality down the ages.  All of these are surely the work of the devil targeted at the woman and her offspring to be used as recruits for immorality, witchcraft, drug addiction and abuse.  These evil works, if not checkmated, ultimately empowers the serpent, and by extension the devil, to be able to bite the woman and bruise her heel, afflicting her and her offspring with his venom.


Prayer Focus:            Father, help me to be positioned to be used of you to enforce the judgment written against the devil.


Quotes:                       You cannot play your role meaningfully in God’s plan as a woman unless you come to hate the devil and all his attractions to you

Sade Akanni

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