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TEXT: Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.
Ephesians 1:3

God’s package of blessing is hanging upon the head of every man and woman created by Him. This scriptural truth is made clear to us from Genesis 1:28, which says “And God blessed them….” The blessing however can be enjoyed only if you align yourself with the source of the blessing. What is the blessing? It is God’s mandate, authority or order given to mankind to flow and function in line with the source and purpose of our creation- God. The invoked or commanded blessing that flows from the spirit realm is what makes natural things to answer to you. “The Blessing maketh rich and adds no sorrow” it is the empowerment to prosper.
However, whilst the Blessing was pronounced by God upon mankind at creation, sin in the garden of Eden as a result of the fall of man introduced and exposed mankind to curses.
Be that as it may, it suffices to state that, Jesus Christ has paid the ultimate price for sin and Redeemed mankind from the curses that accrued to mankind due to the fall and the curse of the law. Hence no body needs to labour under the excruciating weight of curses and their influences.
Unfortunately however, many people today including Christian’s still have the believe that they are bound by all kinds of curses, ranging from generational curses, ancestral curses and the like.
Beloved, you really do not need to bear the burdens of curses any longer particularly, given the fact that Jesus became a curse that the blessing of Abraham might pass to us the Gentile; don’t chose to remain in sin and suffer the consequences of sin which is the curse. The truth and reality of life however, is that, ignorant is what makes the the package of blessing that could be yours not operative in your life. You could enjoy the blessing even from today only if you are ready to fulfill the condition to enjoy it, which is to believe in Jesus Christ who can set you free from every curse and usher you into the realm of blessing. The Blessing is available to every one who can connect with it through Faith.
Faith in God through Jesus Christ is the requirement to enjoy God’s dimension of Blessing. God speaking of Abraham said in Romans 4: 17- 25 that Abraham experienced and began to enjoy the blessing because he believed God and it was accounted for him as righteousness. His example thereby stands to prove that active faith is what will provoke the Blessing in the life of any and every one.

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