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A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband (Proverbs 12:4).


The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible says Crown is a primary root word meaning to encircle for attack or protection; especially to compass.  The Oxford Dictionary definition of crown is the top or highest part of something that imparts splendor, honour and finishing; to bring to a successful conclusion, to culminate (that means to bring to the highest point).  The word compass also means to achieve, accomplish or obtain.


As a crowning joy therefore, a woman becomes a virtuous and worthy wife, strong in character, a woman of splendor, honour and one who completes her husband.  This kind of woman causes her husband to get to the peak of his career, she causes him to achieve, accomplish and obtain the perfect will of God for his life as long as she continually adapts herself to him,  makes herself suitable to him, completes and, supports him  and surrounds him with aid and assistance.


A woman can be a crown of joy and glory to her husband when she allows herself to be filled with the knowledge of God’s word and will.  It is the knowledge of God’s word and will that makes her virtuous and worthy.  The more she spends time in God’s presence through prayer and feeding on the word of God, meditating, memorizing and making the word a part of her life continually by applying it to her everyday life’s issues, the more her character is built to be strong, dependable, reliable and solid.


On the other hand, a woman and wife who is slothful and carnal, thinking and pursuing only her good cannot help her husband to be successful and attain the highest point of achievement.  That kind of woman and wife cannot be a crown to her husband. She will rather become what the Bible describes as “rottenness in his bone.”  She is the kind who will put him down with her words, attitude and actions; without an iota of respect or regard for her husband, he will gradually lose respect for himself.  A woman who engages in the direct opposite of the things she is called to be and do to her husband, therefore keeps him from reaching that highest point of achievement for his life.


I don’t want to be in that position and no right thinking, well-meaning woman who wants God’s best for her husband should be  in that position.  I cannot say it any plainer than I have said, but the truth is that the blame for your husband’s failure will always be attributed to you as a woman and wife; hence the need for you to arise and become the crown God ordained you to be to your husband.  Many times, women don’t want to assume their responsibility.  It is however, already thrust on us from our creator whether we want and like it or not.  Therefore, we might as well begin to walk in our calling as crowns to our husbands and get ready to reap the result of the good seeds we sow in their lives when ultimately our husbands and children arise and call us blessed; boasting about our good works and showering us with praises saying “many women have done well, but you excel them all”



Prayer Focus:            Help me Lord to be truly a crown to my husband in Jesus’ Name.


Quotes:                       You are your husband’s crown and joy … because you possess what he desires, he experiences great pleasure and delight.

(Pat Harrison)

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