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For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and

glory of God; but a woman is the glory of man (1Corinthians 11:7).


To be described as the glory of the man is the ultimate compliments for the woman, entrusting on her an honourable position and great responsibility on the earth.  This description of the woman as the glory of man was never meant to demean or belittle her role or feminine contribution.  It was rather meant to uplift by assigning value and worth to her.


The word glory simply means a distinguished quality or asset.  The glory of something (in this case the man) therefore implies the best expression of something.  It is the manifestation of the true and best nature.  Glory further denotes magnificence, splendor, beauty and wonder that inspire feeling of awe and joy.  This of course perfectly describes Adam’s initial reaction to Eve when she was made and brought to him in the Garden of Eden – Adam was awe struck by all that Eve awoke in him. She was the reflection of the glory of all he had longed for but had yet to behold in his surrounding before Eve’s arrival.  She was also certainly the satisfaction and delight of his soul.  The arrival of Eve was meant to bring glory, honour and completion to the man.  She is the one to make her husband great and glorious.  God put in her the graces and virtues to manifest and release her husband’s glory and greatness.


Every woman who has this understanding and allows the godly virtues deposited within her to blossom; stands the chance of not only contributing help to her husband but also bringing him to limelight.  As noted earlier on, no head can grow tall and lift itself high from the ground all by itself; it is the body that helps lift the head high up.  The more the body grows, the head also grows higher, so the woman is made to help the man grow and become great.  She is the King Maker, bringing out the king in her man.  The woman has been designed to grow and by virtue of her growth and development push up the man in her life and all those within her circle of influence.


The woman is responsible for growing and developing the treasures God has embedded in her life, thereby making them manifest to bring glory and honour to her husband and to God’s people by extension.  Her existence brings honour to the one she came from – the man.  Whatever level of success, greatness and glory the husband attains is actually that which the wife has attained also, even as it is popularly echoed in the saying that “behind every successful and great man, is a woman (his wife).”  Whatever level of growth, greatness and glory any man attains in life is a direct reflection and representation of the growth, greatness and glory the wife has attained or allows in his life.



Prayer Focus:            Lord, help me to become truly the glory of my husband.  Help me grow and develop the virtues that will also bring glory to my husband and to all of God’s people.


Quotes:                       The true value of a woman to a man is the recognition that she is of equal worth and equal value and the glory that she shines forth reflects the man that she was created for.



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