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And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places; thou shall raise up the foundation of many generations; and thou shall be called the repairer of the Israel, the restorer of paths to dwell in (Isaiah 58:12)


Ever since the creation of the world, Satan has always endeavoured at different times and in different ways to break into the territory of God and lead God’s people astray.  Satan’s greatest delight is to make breaches in the fences and walls of God’s heritage.  The devil’s joy is complete as long as he can break in and cause chaos, sorrow, steal, kill and destroy God’s people.


The word ‘Breach’ in Hebrew means a break or gap that has arisen; a breach is a broken section or gap in a wall, a fence or a hedge.  In warfare or agriculture, a breach is an opening the enemy usually comes in through to destroy or where the sheep breaks out from and get lost.  Repairing breaches and broken fences is a never ending task therefore for every farmer; no matter how well built a fence may be, there comes a time when it will need to be repaired.  Even the best of walls can be broken into by thieves.  Thereafter all gaps and breaches become an open invitation to thieves and vandals to enter in, and if valuables are kept anywhere within the walled or fenced environment, the need to repair breaches becomes all the more urgent and important.


In spiritual and moral matters, a breach in a defensive wall is even more serious because it lets Satan in and encourages God’s sheep (people) to stray away.  A great and necessary part of our security as women after God’s heart, is a strong moral and spiritual foundation., Unfortunately, there are many gaps and breaches that have arisen and need urgent repairs in  the foundation of our homes, churches, workplace, government and nation; of what use is it to try to save the structure if the foundation of our morality and spirituality is weak and may likely crack given the magnitude of havoc that has been done by the devil and his agents to destroy our foundations. Can women therefore be of any assistance as ‘rebuilders of old waste places”, “raiser up of foundation of many generations”, “repairer of the breaches” and “restorer of paths to dwell in?” My answer is absolutely yes!  Women have a serious part to play in this great assignment.  Women have the mandate to serve as Kingdom gatekeepers and gate watchers over all of God’s heritage.


It seems to me however, that many women have abdicated their duty posts. Many have neglected this aspect of their role and responsibility and are hiding behind not only their fig leaf clothes, but behind men thinking they have no work to do.  The great task for women is one of intercession and quick action.  Every woman desperately needs to arise in intercession as Esther did for her people before God sends forth His wrath in destruction of our lands and people.  The foundations which our homes, churches, communities and nation were founded upon are still there but badly eroded.


According to God’s design, the breaches and gaps cannot be repaired unless through willing and obedient women who fear the Lord.  The breach God calls us to repair is about lack of fidelity to God’s word and ways.  We have pushed the Bible aside and embraced new fads and philosophies such as women liberation and gender equality that are not helping us.  The breach is not new, but has been long standing, slowly evolving and the cracks will soon grow into a complete rupture if not repaired.  We must come back to the Bible and we must return back to the cross.  Every woman can join in the ‘repair’ and ‘restore’ team; single, married or widowed, business women, career women, peasants and wealthy women; we are to labour in prayers and in the word to bring our generation back to God.



Prayer focus:             Lord, show me the breaches that need repairs around me and help me go to work in effecting the needed change in Jesus Name.


Quote:                         Like in the days of Nehemiah, repairing spiritual breaches is the responsibility of all, no matter who you are and what your occupation is, you have a part to play.

                                                                               Christie Oloko


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