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You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its flavor

how shall it be seasoned…. (Matthew 5:13)


Salt is a dietary mineral needed by all creatures and had two main purposes back in the days before refrigerators were invented.  It was usually used to preserve food, especially meat which quickly spoilt in the desert environment in the Middle East during the first country. Salt was used then, even as it is now, as a flavor to enhance and season food. However salt enhances and preserves or slows decay only if the salt itself is pure. For salt, as a matter of fact cannot lose its saltiness, but can lose its effectiveness by being diluted.

A believing woman is called to be a preservative to the world, preserving it from the spiritual and moral decay in the society. You are to stand out as an enhancer to flavor lives of men in the world.  Every woman under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and in obedience to Christ, inevitably becomes a positive influencer of the world for good even as salt has a positive influence on the flavor of the food it seasons. Women are expected by their words and actions to enhance and give meaning to this existence called life. Having ceased to be ordinary grains of sand, no longer like debris of rocks having little or no value and making no difference, you are to become something distinctive in taste, texture and aroma. Your enhancing and preserving impact should be felt even if you are not seen and heard.

Salt may be harmful though when abused. It becomes harmful when effectiveness is lost. It is also detrimental to have no salt intake because it regulates the water content of human body. Following the description of Jesus using salts to illustrate how effective a Christian woman should be, the need to bring balance and hope to an otherwise decaying world becomes essential. The world is thirsty for direction and meaning, the difference you  make by  your ‘saltiness’ or effectiveness will make the world thirsty for the word of God as you manifest the love of Christ to people by feeding them with hope and giving them the life sustaining element. Purpose in your heart to always have this life sustaining covenant of salt between you and the Lord. Purpose in your heart to always sprinkle your ‘salt’ around everywhere you go in order to be a blessing to humanity.

Prayer focus:             Lord, help me to maintain my saltiness no matter the forces fighting to make me lose my flavor. Help me to be able to preserve my world in Jesus name.

Quote:             We are the salt of the earth, mind you, not the sugar. Our ministry is truly to cleanse and not just to change the taste of the world.

                                                                Vance Harner.


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