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TEXT: Keep watch over yourself and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you oversees…. (ACT 20: 28)
In his farewell address to the elders of the Ephesians church, the Apostle Paul warned leaders to keep watch over them selves first, then their flock. What a valuable lesson for us as leaders, ministers, Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, Civil and Public Servants to follow.
Unfortunately, the reverse is the case today; we have a generation of leaders who make laws that they themselves do not obey, they make demands that they themselves do not live up to and have high expectations from the people under them that they the leaders know too well they can not fulfill.
The question is WHO IS FOOLING WHO? Of what use will it be for a minister to preach Righteousness and holiness to others when such a minister lives in sin and disobedience? What is the need of preaching love, selflessness and sacrifice when by character and conduct a lifestyle of hatred is exhibited flagrantly. Of what use is it for our government officials of different cadre clamouring for change and making claims for being a corruption free government when from the very seat of government, corruption is entrenched as a culture. Again I ask the question, WHO IS DECEIVING WHO?
Leadership is a mandate thrust on every one of us. But how effective and efficient we will be at the business of leading others is dependent upon how well we are able to lead our selves first. This is because, we cannot give what we don’t have, neither can we be more relevant than the level of Imformation we get ourselves exposed to.
Finding ourselves in leadership positions whether as parents at home, pastors/ministers in church, teachers/coaches/mentors in learning climes, directors/supervisors, advisers/assistants in corporate/Civic offices, chiefs/royalty in different communities, representatives, senators, governors of different states and presidents of different nations; is serious honour , work, task, assignment and responsibility and calls for serious watch fullness of our attitudes and actions to model what we desire others to emulate and regard as the right standard to follow. The era of telling others to do as you say and not as you do is fast ending. God is calling and commanding us to be watchful over our selves first and then we can succeed as leaders of others who are placed in our sphere of influence .

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