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TEXT: For I am not ashamed of the power of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes….(Romans 1:16)

The scriptures and nature clearly reveals and proclaim the truth of God’s infinite power and love which is the Gospel . The Gospel for purposes of clarity is the “good new” that God our creator is the father, blesser and Redeemer of all mankind.

Most people, even so called Christian’s do not know this Gospel, hence they settle for a false and fake Gospel. The Gospel is however hid to those who are lost because the Gospel according to the scriptures is a mystery known only by true believers. Jesus said that many will “see” and “hear” the gospel but do not understand. It is only people who have received and believed in Jesus Christ that have their understanding opened to “see” and “hear” the truth of the Gospel revealed to them by the Holy spirit. Every one who believes the Gospel gets saved and experiences the power of God and that same power creates infinite possibilities as we continue in our journey in the faith. This was the case with the Apostle Paul, a man who prior to his encounter with Christ was a blasphemer, injurious and a notorious persecutor of the church of his days, but one definite connection with God’s power – which is the Gospel, changed every thing about his life and created infinite possibilities for him making him emerge as one of the greatest Apostles of all times, a key player in the kingdom of God with trans generational revelations and annointing that have blessed and impacted the kingdom of God and the world at large.

The Gospel is not a message to be toyed with nor to be ashamed of even if the world finds it foolish and scoffs at it. IT IS THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION TO ALL WHO BELIEVE! Many in the days of the Apostle Paul obviously found the crucifixion and resurrection story of Jesus Christ downright laughable and if any thing should have caused shame, it was the seeming notion that some unknown Jewish Rabbi in the backside region of Palestine is the only path leading to eternal life. Paul like many other Jewish scholars of his days may have mistakenly judged the simple Gospel message of “believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved” as lacking the philosophical sophistication of other similar theories that occupied the most renowned secular thinkers of their day.; But glory be to God, Paul’s view changed drastically when he encountered Jesus on the way to Damascus, having experienced the Gospel – the power of God in the crucified and risen Christ, he had no reason to doubt nor be ashamed of the Gospel message but rather became a foremost preacher and proponent of the same Gospel.

Today I implore you to believe in the Gospel message and you will see your life transformed; beyond that, the same Gospel message will create infinite possibilities for you in your lifes’s journey. And if you are battling with bad habits and addictions of any kind, the Gospel message to you is that God saves from sin and every limiting forces of hell, if you are sick in your body or mind, the Gospel message to you is that God heals and mends broken bodies and minds and if you are poor and unable to make ends meet, just know it that God prospers and His blessing makes rich and adds no sorrow. Indeed there are infinites possibilities that accrues to you in believing the Gospel message and I trust that you will not hesitate any longer to connect with that infinite power today in Jesus name.

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