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Your life is your biggest and greatest design project, give it your best shot. Many people would agree with this aphorism, but only few are able to articulate it’s full import.
This is because they don’t know God’s original design for their lives and without knowing that divine blueprint, it’s easy to get lost in the journey of life.

God has made every thing based on His perfect design and by the power of His own will and by the cooperation of His creations, that design can be realised in our life’s and world. Think about Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden before the fall; their lives and every thing about them worked just as God designed it to be. Their purpose was built into the design of their creation. When God articulated their purposes, that is, the reason for creating or designing them, Adam and Eve or man and woman, He tells them to “subdue the earth” (Genesis 1 :28). In this context, the word subdue, literally means “To go out and make the earth useful for human beings’ benefit and enjoyment” a place for human being to flourish. In other words, their purpose was to go and work at making the world a better place and their design helped them accomplish just that as we can see in their operations in the Garden of Eden before the fall.

Similarly, God has designed you with certain resources, gifts, talent and abilities. These things rightfully belong to Him, but your responsibility is to discover that design and live by that trust by managing these resources well enough, according to His design and desire for your life.

God designed and created you for His glory. What this means is that you are the very essence and Pinnacle of God’s creation. You are uniquely designed and formed in His image and likeness to fit into His high and holy purposes and function accordingly to glorify Him. And if God’s design and purpose for Adam and Eve was to create a better and more beneficial world that will glorify Him, how much more does He desire and has designed for you to be and do? This is a question you need to ponder upon in order to unravel God’s design for you. Has God designed you as an outdoor person or indoor person? Has He designed you as an introverted person or as an extroverted person or better still with an ambiverted nature like me? Has He designed you more as a thinker or more as an executor? Has He designed you more as an emotional being or more as a rational being. Suffice it to say that your design reveals what you must do with your life as God’s gift to you on earth. These and many more things that constitutes the idea of God’s design stands apart from all worldly versions of flourishing designs in that it provides not only a vision but also the means by which you can achieve it. God reveals His design for your flourishing, then empowers and equips you to pursue it through His word and through His Holy Spirit who enables you to live out that design for your profiting, humanity’s blessing and for God’s glory. It is my prayer for you today that The eyes of your understanding will be enlightened to not just know the hope of His calling but your divine design and makeup to fulfill that call in Jesus name.

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