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TEXT: …But skill brings success.(Ecclesiastes 10: 10)

God has graciously made provisions for every one to live comfortably on earth. However it is the knowledge about these provisions and how to attract them that guarantees our success ultimately in life. And suffice to state that our provisions flow to us in direct proportion to our level and utilisation of our proficiency.

Proficiency can be aptly described as your gift, talent, skill and ability. It is with your proficiency that you turn thoughts to things, programs, projects, enterprises and businesses from where your provisions flow from.

God has equally endowed every one on earth with gifts, talents and abilities that when put to use in birthing and building our programs, projects, enterprises automatically positions us for the flow of God’s provisions.

We can never lack the basic needs of life for as long as we are willing to put our proficiency to work; failure and lack in any aspect of a man or a woman life is symptomatic of the fact that proficiency is not utilised properly or at all.

Though put in a pit by his own brothers who hated him and later sold him into slavery in Portiphar’s house in Egypt and later sentenced to prison for a crime he obviously did not commit; Joseph all the way in his distresses continued to utilise his proficiency not just to survive in the harsh terrain and treatments meted out to him, but succeeded in attracting to himself, his family and the then known world, every of God’s conceivable provisions of varied degrees and dimensions when he eventually became the prime minister of Egypt.

You are not down today because help is far from you. You simply need to become more proficient either by formal, informal or non formal mean of learning so as to be better prepared and positioned for the release of God’s provisions to meet every of your need.

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