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TEXT: They charge like warriors, they scale walls like soldiers, they all March in line, not swerving from their course.(Joel 2 : 7)

Success in life is God’s ultimate desire for every of his children. However, whether or not we eventually succeed is our choice to make. And when and how we succeed is also our choice to make.

Many people are desirous for success but are not willing to take the lead. The situation is even worse amongst our teeming youths who think success is just some stroll in the pack.

Research has shown that many people, youth and adults alike, do not know how to lead themselves. Many church folks particularly, find it difficult to use their brains to think and take personal initiative to do the things that will bring them success. When confronted with life challenges and life choices, it is common place to find many make statements like “I believe God for breakthrough” or I’m waiting on the Lord for His help” Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly believe in God’s sovereign power to work miracles; nevertheless, a careful look at scriptures proves to me that in most cases, for every miracles God worked, there is the divine dimension involving God and the human dimension involving man. It is good to think in collective terms, but if we do not equally know how to think in individual terms that requires us to take personal responsibility, that will be a good recipe for disaster.

Self Leadership is an essential must have skill that every one who desires success today should make part of their skill set as it will help them minimise their tendency to roam aimlessly in life and also guarantees their capacity to survive in the jungle of life.

Our scriptural text highlights for us the way and manner we are to conduct our selves in self leadership so as to achieve success, viz: (1)Conduct our selves as mighty men (not fearful or doubtful weaklings)
(2)Be willing and ready to scale walls(even in the midst of every kind of adversities)
(3)Be willing and ready to march in line with God’s plan.
(4)Not swerving from our course or breaking ranks.

Following this divine order is a sure route to success in every of life’s endeavour. May God help you to see the need to begin to do the needful in order to realise the success you desire in Jesus name.

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